Skills: User Interface, Client communication, Mock-Ups, Testing, Proto XD, WordPress

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This project was to built a online pretense for freelance psychologist working both with cooperate clients and individual therapy.

Focus was on practicing thorough communication and adjusting and reevaluating clients design needs and wants, with ones own UX/UI heuristics. Finding a common vision was essentiel. All this was troublesome as only online communication and UX investigation was available.

Introductory remarks

The major challenge for this project was to find a common vision. As this project was completed in times of lockdown, all communication was done through phone calls and mail. 

The client wanted a website to give potentiel costumers information about, the different services, therapies, approaches and its prices. Other than that the design was of high importance, as it should reflects the client own persons personality, as it is of high relevance 


To meet the demands a through conversation with the client was initiated. One of the main points was simplicity and minimalism was pivotal in representing the client. 

To communicate about and evolve the design, I started investing multiple psychologist sites to get inspiration. But rather than getting inspired, it was clear that most psychologist hadn’t re-designed their websites for many years. Most was text-heavy with academic language, difficult to navigate and filled with inspirational photos. This was the opposite of the clients wishes. Distilling this I created a mock-up in Adobe XD, to communicate and find mutual understandings.

From this it was clear that minimalism, was meant to an extreme. The client didn’t like the aestetichs of a menu-header, nor wanted pictures other that his headshot. I advised against from a user perspective, but as it also should reflect the personality of the client, I had to figure out a way to make the site appealing and user friendly

Final Design

The final design solution was to extremely simplified. Direction arrows was used to create a playfull interface and action-buttons redirected to other pages. 

The texts pieces was connected with a simplified header. Trying to avoid being bombarded with an unecessary text-overload. The customers would only have to read what was necessary, unlike this portfolio if anybody reads it. 

The buttons redirects you to simplified pages, with a point-structure mentioning the essentiels. Here the price, possible locations of consultation and contact information is available.

The client was extremely happy with the final design, even though it caused multiple iterations of simplification.